giovedì 11 giugno 2009

Pink Cherry @ Flo media lounge, Sunday 14 June

This coming Sunday I will participate in this event again.
Flo media lounge is an art and music event held at The Pink Cow in Shibuya. Here is the info:
Come and get my new creations or book your nail design for your next party!
*I am accepting also requests for dancers/performers groups: ask for your nail design matching your dance costume or inspired by the style of your performance!

I made this design for a girl at Flo media lounge in April, using the same colors of her scarf.

Flo media lounge 今週の日曜日(6月14日)!!

*写真のネイルアートは4月のFlo media loungeで作ったものです。カラフルなスカーフの色を使ってアブストラクトのデザインを作りました。