martedì 22 dicembre 2009

お正月 * New Year's special designs


Pink Cherry @ Fragment and on


ShatterJapan is a movie site featuring interviews, movie reviews and various kinds of events. I met Shatterjapan's girls at Superdeluxe during the event.
Here is their blog entry about Fragment.

mercoledì 14 ottobre 2009


My nails have become little movie stars :) I did crazy nails for an independent movie about Tokyo nightlife

mercoledì 9 settembre 2009

Interview on J-Life

...Find me on J-Life magazine, September/October issue!!! you can read it online at this link

martedì 1 settembre 2009

giovedì 11 giugno 2009

Pink Cherry @ Flo media lounge, Sunday 14 June

This coming Sunday I will participate in this event again.
Flo media lounge is an art and music event held at The Pink Cow in Shibuya. Here is the info:
Come and get my new creations or book your nail design for your next party!
*I am accepting also requests for dancers/performers groups: ask for your nail design matching your dance costume or inspired by the style of your performance!

I made this design for a girl at Flo media lounge in April, using the same colors of her scarf.

Flo media lounge 今週の日曜日(6月14日)!!

*写真のネイルアートは4月のFlo media loungeで作ったものです。カラフルなスカーフの色を使ってアブストラクトのデザインを作りました。

sabato 23 maggio 2009

after Design Festa...

Design Festa has been fantastic as always, and it's been also a great experience for me as an exhibitor: I had a very good response, many people visited my booth and I got three interviews: one for the Design Festa website, another one for J-Life magazine, and a video interview for NHK's program "Tokyo Kawaii TV". You will see some of my experimental designs on tv soon...

mercoledì 18 marzo 2009

Spring/summer: new samples

Here are some new designs I make on natural nails.
I can come and do your nails at your place or wherever you feel comfortable.
As I said, I never repeat my designs - when you choose one of them, it will be your exclusive nail art (^.^) and you will receive the sample.
You can reserve the design you like, or ask me to make a new one for you.


1. enamels (2 colors), blue stones - 3000¥
2. marble (3colors) - 2000 ¥
3. french, white and pink stones - 3400 ¥
4. 3 color enamels, white stones 2000¥
5. 2 color enamels, dots, stones - 2000¥
6. 2 color *zebra stripes* - 1000¥
7. red enamel, dots, heart stones - 1500¥
8. 2 color enamels - 1000¥
9. 2 color enamels, lame`, dots - 1500¥
10. 3 color enamels, white and purple stones - 3400¥
11. 2 color enamels, blue and light blue stones - 4000¥
12. 3 color *flower design* + yellow stones - 2000¥

lunedì 16 marzo 2009

New collection!! Spring/Summer 2009

Spring is coming and the new collection is here :)


Long nail tips (2000¥)

Japanese spring (enamels, glitters, stones, flower stones, small pearls, plastic flowers)

Tribal Gothic (enamels, stones, dots)

*NEW* Short nail tips (800¥only!!)

Go Wild (enamels, glitters)

Red Passion (enamel, stones, dots)

Blue Sky (enamels, stones, glitters)

Nail tips - Winter 08/09 collection

Winter collection.
(price: 1500¥for each nail set)


Lovely (enamels, pink lame`, stones)

Oriental Dancer (enamel, glitter enamel, stones, dots, chain)

Sweet Candy (enamels, pink lame`, stones)

Golden Mystery (enamels, stones, dots, golden metal foil)

Lucky (enamels, pink lame`, heart stones)

Ocean (enamels, glitters, stones, dots, decoration sheet)

Romantic Purple (enamels, stones, dots, heart stones)

Girly (enamels, pink lame`, stones)

Golden Age (enamels, golden metal foil)

Wonderland (enamels, pearls, plastic flowers)

mercoledì 11 marzo 2009


As I said before, I love art and I like to find my inspiration in various world artists'works.

This design is inspired to the works of the abstract espressionist painter Jackson Pollock.

I tried to use his action painting technique on nails, dripping paint on the nail tips with a brush.

The techniques used in professional nail art are very precise, and I often prefer a different approach: my personal style is based more on improvisation than on precision, because this makes me feel a more direct expression of creative power...

lunedì 9 marzo 2009

Nail designs


Some designs for your nails :)

1. white enamel base, red enamel, pink lame`, silver stars and dots - 1500 ¥
2. purple enamel, pink lame`, golden dots - 2000 ¥
3. light pink base, silver enamel, pink lame`, white and pink stones - 2000 ¥
4. double french: silver and purple, pink lame`line, pink stone - 2000 ¥
5. red and black stripes, white stones, silver dots - 1500 ¥
6. silver and purple enamel, white pearls, white stones - 2000 ¥

mercoledì 4 marzo 2009

Lolita Collection!

I made these designs for the past edition of Tokyo Design Festa (November 2008).
materials used: nail enamel, glitters, lace, ribbon, rhinestones and beads.


lunedì 2 marzo 2009


Hi everyone! I'm Pink Cherry and... I am not a nailist.
I have learned nail painting by myself and I practice nail art as a form of artistic creation. Each design is unique and never repeated.

I love painting on natural nails and on fake nail tips.
I am always looking for inspiration and creating new designs. You can also ask for an exclusive design made especially for you, reflecting your feelings and mood, or matching the clothes you are wearing for a special event.